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Ray Andrew Moab Utah Family Doctor
Ray Andrew Moab Utah Family Doctor

Grand Country Wellness Center, Moab & Provo Utah

Grand County Wellness Center, Moab Utah

Welcome to the offices of Ray Andrew, MD, PC, and Grand County Wellness Center...

Dr Ray AndrewNational experts are increasingly calling for an end to the assembly-line approach to medical care. Patients prefer to treat the causes of their health problems, not cover them up with Band-Aids. Physicians and other health care providers derive far greater satisfaction from helping patients experience a higher quality of life than in merely prescribing drugs to control symptoms.

Our approach strives to meet all of these demands in the interest of happy, healthy individuals and families.

Welcome to our home page. At Moab Family Health and Prestige Wellness Institute, we use specialized testing, nutraceutical-grade supplements, customized vitamins, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, IV therapy, bio-identical hormones, chelation, ozone therapy, and many other tools to help patients reach their health potential.  We are driven by a passion to find uncommon but effective solutions to common health problems.

We attend international conferences and lectures on a regular basis, incorporating the best and latest technologies that are often lacking even in Salt Lake and many metropolitan areas. This is why patients from multiple surrounding states come to Springville and Moab for cutting-edge care.


Our Mission

To empower men, women, and children to transform their lives and reach their full potential.

We accomplish this by:

  1. Modeling, teaching, and encouraging healthy behaviors;
  2. Exercising genuine love and compassion for each patient who entrusts us with his or her care;
  3. Helping our patients assume responsibility for their own health and success;
  4. Providing the latest tools and protocols for enhancing human health;
  5. Performing our individual duties with integrity;
  6. Adhering to the highest standards of medical care, focusing on efficacy over tradition, evidence over expert opinion, and safety over convenience;
  7. Attending to each patient as an individual, not a statistic to be treated according to population-centric norms;
  8. Seeking at all times to identify and treat underlying causes rather than merely masking symptoms; and
  9. Ensuring our own financial security as a business and team members in order to guarantee we can fulfill our mission into perpetuity.

If you share our values, welcome to your medical home!


Family Medicine

Checkups and a whole lot more
Moab, Utah Family Doctor, Ray Andrew

In the increasingly fragmented world of health care, we remain committed to treating the whole person and his or her family in an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship focusing on integrated care. Rather than limiting ourselves to a particular organ, disease, or age group, we care for...

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A balanced approach
Moab, Utah Wellness Doctor, Ray Andrew

Wellness is more than just the absence of disease. We live in an increasingly toxic world. The food and other substances we eat, the air we breathe, the drugs we take, the chemicals we put on our skin, and the multiple stresses of modern life drain the vitality out of us long before disease shows up...

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Urgent Care

Here for you when things don’t go as planned
Moab, Utah Urgent Care, Ray Andrew

Ray Andrew, MD, PC, is the only year-round provider of non-hospital-based urgent care services in Grand County. Many visitors to Moab, Utah, do not have insurance or do not wish to wait in the E.R. behind patients with true life or limb threatening emergencies. In both cases we have been able to provide...

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Is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement right for YOU?

With offices in Springville and Moab, Hormone Centers Of Utah are your source for the ULTIMATE Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Central and Southeastern Utah! Discover the POWER of pellets.

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