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Ray Andrew Moab Utah Family Doctor
Ray Andrew Moab Utah Family Doctor

Grand Country Wellness Center, Moab & Provo Utah

Grand County Wellness Center, Moab Utah

About Us

About Us

Moab Family Health

At Moab Family Health we want to be your  first point of entry into the health care system as well as offer you continuing  support for all  your health care needs.  Moab Family Health can  provide patients with ready access to their own personal physician.  Moab Family Health is here  to diagnose and treat  illnesses, we also provide preventive care, including:

  • routine checkups
  • health risk assessments
  • immunization and screening tests
  • personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

We also manage chronic illness–diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, asthma, and more.  The vast majority of  our patient needs and concerns can typically be cared for in the office itself.  We offer a wide variety of specialty and institutional consultative and referral relationships for specific care needs.

Grand County Wellness Center

We are driven by a passion to find uncommon but effective solutions to common health problems. We attend international conferences and lectures on a regular basis, incorporating the best and latest technologies that are often lacking even in Salt Lake and many metropolitan areas. This is why patients from multiple surrounding states come to Moab for cutting-edge care. It is also why we found it necessary to open an office in Provo, and then to expand to a larger office in Springville, to better accommodate patients who come from northern Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Specialized services we offer

Urgent Care

Ray Andrew, MD, PC, is the only year-round provider of non-hospital-based urgent care services in Moab, Utah & Grand County. Many of our visitors from out of town do not have insurance or do not wish to wait in the E.R. behind patients with true life- or limb-threatening emergencies. In both cases we have been able to provide a much-needed Urgent Care service and made many grateful friends from around the world.

If you have an emergency, or an urgent condition that cannot wait until the office opens, by all means do not hesitate to go to the hospital. Chest pain, slurred speech, gasping for air, and bone fragments poking through your skin are all good reasons to call 911! For urgent problems that don’t require a hospital bed or an operating room, feel free to call or drop in and see if we can help you. Most insurance plans are accepted.

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