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One More Chance…

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I don’t have long to post this because it is time for me to see patients this morning.  But I just received word that the screaming deal on Master Your Influence has been extended until 4 pm tomorrow (Tuesday)!  The only way you can get it now is by calling 801.987.3996, telling them you want to attend Master Your Influence for $37, and that you were referred by Kelly Behr.  If you don’t mention this magic name, there’s no deal!

So, if you saw my post too late on Friday or over the weekend and wished you could take advantage of this offer, now’s your second chance.  Like I said, I’ve never had anyone tell me they were disappointed or felt their return on investment was less than phenomenal.

You will gain insights and skills that you won’t find in any book, webinar, or television program.  And there’s no way on earth you will find comparable live training for less than several hundred dollars.  You can register for either November 2-4 or February 22-24.  Don’t pass up this offer!

FYI: I have no relationship with 3 Key Elements.  I’m not being paid to promote them.  I’m expending a little bit of my time and staff resources to pass on the opportunity of this life-changing experience because I have benefited tremendously from it and I believe you will, too.

Ever in pursuit of your optimal health and well-being,

Ray Andrew, MD