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Every medical student knows that parasites cause diarrhea and weight loss.  And that only people who travel to foreign countries or drink contaminated river water get parasites.  This nonsense even leads some otherwise reputable laboratories to refuse to test stool samples for parasites unless the patient has traveled out of the country recently.  Imagine their surprise when, at our insistence, they run the test, contrary to hospital policy, and the test comes back positive!

Unfortunately, detecting the presence of parasites is complicated by the fact that traditional testing is poorly sensitive to these organisms.  And bowel inflammation often obscures their presence as well.  In other words, it is not uncommon for a person with parasites to have a normal test result.  Whenever we suspect parasites and local hospital laboratories are unable to identify them, we send additional stool samples to labs that specialize in parasitology, utilizing techniques not available to other labs.

Why is this important?  Because parasites cause a lot more than just diarrhea.  Leaky gut, ulcerative colitis, other autoimmune diseases, and even heart disease can be triggered by the inflammation caused by parasites.  Especially those parasites that–according to medical textbooks–don’t cause human disease!  Just because you don’t have diarrhea, don’t kid yourself that you can’t have a parasite.  And if you have one, don’t kid yourself that it’s an innocent bystander.  Get rid of it!