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Ray Andrew Moab Utah Family Doctor

Grand Country Wellness Center, Moab & Provo Utah

Grand County Wellness Center, Moab Utah

Screening and Diagnostic Testing

medic-563423_1280Ray Andrew, MD, PC, and Grand County Wellness Center utilize a variety of test methods, samples, and laboratories to help us identify and treat the underlying causes of symptoms and diseases our patients present to us.

Some laboratory tests are performed in the office, such as pregnancy testing, dipstick urinalysis, blood sugar testing, Flu testing, Strep testing, and evaluation of vaginal discharge.

For those laboratory tests that require sophisticated equipment, we send samples to local hospital labs where our patients live, as well as to LabCorp, Quest, Genova Diagnostics, LipoScience, ZRT Labs, and others.

Depending on what we are trying to measure or detect, sample types include venous blood, capillary blood (finger prick), saliva, urine, stool, inner cheek, vaginal or cervical swabs, and more.

Other routine in-house testing includes EKG, thermography, and biofeedback.

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  • Biopsies
  • Breast Thermography
  • Routine Office Labs
  • Routine Send-Out Labs
  • Specialty Labs
  • EKG
  • Laboratory Discounts