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Ray Andrew Moab Utah Family Doctor
Ray Andrew Moab Utah Family Doctor

Grand Country Wellness Center, Moab & Provo Utah

Grand County Wellness Center, Moab Utah


Mere words can never fully express my gratitude and respect for Dr. Andrew. He is a “healer”. I came to him because of my intolerable hot flashes and my desire to try bioidentical hormones for relief, at least I hoped and prayed it would work for me. Nothing else did. I had also recently been diagnosed by a nurse practitioner in Sanpete County that I had Hashimotos. Dr. Andrew was quick to detox my system, get me off of gluten and dairy, prescribe natural and healthy alternatives such as vitamins and a non-porcine thyroid compound medication. From the very first pellet implant I felt relief. I slept all through the night and actually woke up feeling rested at 6AM!! I have not had a hot flash in two years! For 3 years prior to finding Dr. Andrew I hardly slept, the hot flashes kept me awake. I dragged out of bed in the mornings and had to deal with migraines because of my inability to get 8 hours of solid sleep and my hashimotos had me gaining weight that was so uncomfortable as I am naturally quite petite. Dr. Andrew literally saved my life. He is an amazing doctor and a wonderful, caring man. His staff is phenomenal! Everyone on Dr. Andrew’s staff is polite, professional and caring. I am so glad I found this gem!! I have quality of life and it is all because one man cares to make a difference. I could go on and on about how much I respect Dr. Andrew and how much he has done for me; however, don’t just take my testimony as gospel. Schedule a visit and see for yourself what he can do to heal you. You deserve to give yourself quality health care. My husband loves to tell people he meets that my finding Dr. Andrew was divine intervention, I was lead to him. I do believe he is right. Thank you Dr. Andrew for all that you do!!

–Kelly Behr, Mt. Pleasant, Utah


I have been going to Dr. Andrew since 2007. I was referred to him by a lady who had tried the hormone pellets. For quite a few years, I had been having very uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, not the least of which was hot flashes that occurred at least 10-20 times a day. I had tried every remedy that most doctors recommended, and had also tried all the herbal remedies that were suggested. Nothing worked for me; and in fact the medical remedies had adverse affects. Within a week of my first implant, the hot flashes quit, and I felt more energy than I’d felt for years. I’ve not had any hot flashes since. Thank you Doc!! Then, for the icing on the cake, Dr. Andrew actually ‘listens’ to my many other health concerns that I’d given up on ever finding help for and has endeavored to help me find the answers to their solutions in a ‘natural and healthy’ way. I am closing in on 70 years now, and am feeling better than I have for many many years! AND, with his continuing education, I’m confident that Dr. Andrew is succeeding in finding the solutions to my more stubborn issues. I also appreciate the friendliness and helpfulness of the office staff.

–Linda Young, Blanding, Utah



Words cannot explain how grateful I am to Dr. Andrew for his commitment to finding alternative methods of treatment over traditional medicine practices.   I have benefited so much from his knowledge and expertise.  His professionalism and wonderful bedside manner is a welcome change to some doctors I have been to.  His responses to my questions are ‘there is not a stupid question only the one that does not get asked”.  He treats me with the utmost respect and I feel that he delivers health care information in a way that I can understand it and together we make an informed decision of what treatment should come first and is most necessary.  His blend of traditional and alternative medicine practice and his approachable attitude put him in a much needed league of his own.  I am his fan for life.  Thanks to him, I am sure I will live a long, happy, and healthy one.

Thank you!

–Kim Boger, Moab, Utah


I am very pleased with Dr. Andrew’s medical knowledge and his understanding of wellness.  He treats the underlying problems, not just the symptoms. He has helped me a great deal, and I feel I am going in the right direction for my medical health and overall wellness.

–C. S.




More Patient Feedback:

• L.A., age 78: “You’re going to have me living forever!”

• T.Y., age 46: “I have never received such excellent care anywhere else…And I really mean that.”

• J.M., age 68: “I am so glad my friend told me about you. I know I say that every time I come, but its so TRUE!”

• M.W., age 31: “I appreciate having a doctor who listens and tries to find the source of problems.”

• A.E., age 73: “Dr. Andrew Thank you for giving me my life back. I want to express my gratitude for all the attention you gave to my problems. What a relief to feel so much better. I feel good and have energy once again.”

• S.A., age 37: “I really appreciate all you do for me and my family. You’ve helped me turn my life around so I can hopefully be around for my kids and grandkids, unlike my parents.”

• S.K., age 25: “This has been the most informative doctor’s visit I’ve had in a very long time! I’m excited to have a change of approach.”

• V.B, age 46: “If I was stranded on a desert island, Dr. Andrew is the one person I couldn’t live without.”

• D.V, age 35: “You and all your staff have been great professionals, friendly, and super accommodating.  You all should be proud of the work you do.”

• W.G., age 53: “Now I know why all my friends have been recommending you for the last few years.”

• B.F., age 66: “I wish I had found you 50 years ago. I can’t believe how much better I feel since I started coming down here. Even my family notices it.”

• J.W., age 50: “Thank you so much – you’ve changed my life.”

• H.H., age 65: “I feel blessed to have a doctor like you.”

• A.L., age 72: “I know I was sent here for a reason, so I know you’re going to help me.”

• K.S., age 65: “You’re a miracle worker!”

• M.O., age 63: “You are the best doctor I’ve ever had. You really care and you’ve helped me a lot.”

• W.W., age 65: “I feel enlightened today for the first time in my life in a doctor’s office.” Upon his return: “I feel better than my 40-year-old kids!”

• B.C., age 57: “You are a true healer, not a doctor. Doctors don’t cure anything.”

• B.G., age 82: “You spoil me – You really listen to me. I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for you.”

• R.O.: “Thank you for everything you have done for my wife. Her health is the best it has been in years.”

• H.T, age 73: “I am so grateful to have a doctor who actually believes me and doesn’t think I’m just crazy.”

• D.V., age 62: “You’ve changed my life. I feel 90% better than I have felt in 15 years.”

• S.F., age 24: “From where I started out one year ago to where I am today, it’s like night and day.”

• S.C., age 65: “I’ve been struggling with my health for 5 years and you’ve helped me tremendously in the last 12 months. You’re wonderful! I’m always singing your praises to everyone.”

• E.P., age 78: “I’ve been seeing doctors in the city for a long time and never felt better until I started seeing you. I’ve felt better in the last year since I’ve been coming here than I have felt in a long, long time. My friends tell me ‘Ninety miles is a long way to go to see a doctor’ but I tell them ‘It’s worth it!'”

• L.F., age 36: “I’m glad to finally find a doctor who has some answers. Tired of everyone just saying I was depressed.”

• R.D., age 33: “I feel almost 100% better than when I first saw you 23 months ago.”

• D.C., age 51: “I feel better than I have ever felt in my life!”

• R.T., age 38: “I’m glad you’re my doctor…because you listen, care about me, and aren’t out to just push another drug on me. I really appreciate you. And I like your staff, too.”

• A.D., age 45: “You are the best doctor I have ever met, and the only doctor in the United States that I trust…. And both of my sisters are doctors.”

• B.W., age 56: “I have never had a doctor talk to me and explain things. They just walk in and say ‘you’re too fat. Get it off.’ and walk out.”




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