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Time For A Marriage Tune-Up

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Marriage Improves Health

You may have heard that people who are happily married live longer and have less disease.  This is true.  Of course it doesn’t mean that single people can’t be healthy and live long, nor that all happily married people will automatically be healthy.  There are a number of other variables involved in the health equation.  However, other things being equal, there’s a lot to be gained from a healthy marriage.

One scholarly review published this year concluded that “more established, committed relationships, such as marriage, are associated with greater [mental health] benefits than less committed unions such as cohabitation.”

Another study found that “never-married men were more predisposed to depression, aggression, low self-esteem, and suicidal tendencies” compared to married men.

Other studies demonstrate that marriage “promote[s] good health and protect[s] against risky health behaviors.” It also offers “protection from adverse physiological health states and buffer[s] the negative emotional consequences of disablement and functional decline, especially if the marriage is good.”

100% Commitment Is Powerful

There are no doubt a variety of reasons for these and many other benefits. Part of this stems from knowing you and your spouse are committed to something higher than yourselves.  Not only are you 100% committed to the well being of another person; you are also committed to your union with that person.  You decided at some point that the two of you could make more out of your lives together than you could separately.  At that time, you may not have realized that part of this process is learning diplomacy, self-sacrifice, empathy, forgiveness, and some give and take.  Or you knew it would require all of this, but you understood these concepts on an intellectual level, not a deeply experiential one.

Don’t Become A Statistic

Unfortunately, far too many marriages either end in divorce or persist in mutual misery.  Neither of these has to happen. Couples don’t “fall out of love” as if some external force cast a spell upon them.  We get lazy, we stop sacrificing for each other, we stop being kind, we stop forgiving, we stop being spontaneous, and so forth.  Moreover, many of us discover that the tools we were given for achieving and maintaining healthy marriages are inadequate to the challenges we face.

You Can Always Do Better

This is not a time to wallow in self-pity or to place blame on our parents or others for our struggles.  Rather, it is an opportunity for us to recognize that each of us can do better.  None of us is perfect, none of us came from perfect parents, and none of us has a marriage that couldn’t possibly be better.  Even the best marriages can still be better.  One of the great benefits of marriage is that it exposes our weaknesses, our rough edges, the areas of our character that need our special attention.  Another benefit is that there is no limit to how good a marriage can become.

With that in mind—and in keeping with our mission of empowering all our patients to achieve their optimal physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health—we are offering one couple a free ticket to the exhilarating seminar Royalty & Romance in the Salt Palace from October 5-7, 2017.

Everyone has an energy bubble (personal space). When you add energy to your life, your bubble gets bigger.

If you are interested in becoming that lucky couple, call (435) 259-4008 and enter your names into our drawing.  The winners (and non-winners) will be notified on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.  If you happen not to be that lucky couple, you can still sign up for the seminar yourself by calling (801) 987-3996 and paying $475 per couple.  It will be a small investment with HUGE returns.

Hands-On Learning From Real People

Get ready to learn from real people who have overcome serious relationship problems themselves.  Learn how they did it and how you can, too.  Learn in a safe environment with others who respect you and whose relationships are at every conceivable level–except perhaps those who don’t care anymore, those who have given up, those who either fail to realize or simply don’t value the treasure they could have in their marriages with a little enlightened effort.

You Can Benefit From This

Remember, this seminar isn’t just for those who are struggling, although they will definitely benefit immeasurably from it.  It’s also for those who are deeply in love, whether newlyweds or seasoned veterans.  The last couple we sent to this event thought they couldn’t possibly have a better marriage.  That is, until they attended the seminar and discovered all kinds of powerful tools for taking their marriage to the next level.

So don’t be bashful.  Putting your name in the hat doesn’t mean your relationship is on the rocks.  It just means that neither of you is ever satisfied with the status quo—you continually reach for the stars.  It means you really did mean what you said on your wedding day.  Seize the day!

Ever committed to your health,

Ray Andrew, MD


P.S.      This offer comes with a money-back guarantee.  If your names are drawn and you attend this seminar and aren’t absolutely thrilled with the results, we will give you FIVE TIMES the amount of money you paid for tuition.  Oh yeah:  That was zero.  I was the one who paid for you to be able to go.  Don’t worry.  It will be worth your effort and my money, I assure you.

P.P.S   For those who are single, divorced, widowed, or involved in alternative relationships, we love you and want to help you just as much as we do the husbands and wives in our practice.  But the principles taught, techniques employed, and activities provided in this seminar will not be of benefit to you.  Several of 3 Key Elements’ other seminars are applicable to a wider audience.  Specifically, Master Your Influence provides powerful insights and tools for enhancing all human relationships.

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