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Wanna Change Your Life? Act Today!

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I’m not kidding. Don’t wait until tomorrow. By now, I hope you are aware that we are interested in all aspects of your health: mind, body, and spirit. Truthfully, to ignore any of these aspects, or to treat them as if they were independent of each other, would be somewhat like cutting off the numb fingers of a person who had a stroke. With this reality in mind, today’s post is not about a pill, a treatment, or even a dietary change.

When Opportunity Knocks…

I want to share with you an opportunity that will change your life. You may have discovered already that any number of the treatments we have provided you have improved your quality of life in many ways. But what I’m about to introduce to you can change how you view life itself; transform your relationships; help you clarify and focus on your purpose in life; enable you to become more effective at everything you do; and help you fulfill your dreams as you help others fulfill theirs.

The opportunity I’m about to tell you about is the kind of training only the wealthy could afford just a few years ago. Even then, I don’t believe any amount of money could buy the experience you can now obtain for next to nothing.

If you are in a rut; just trying to survive from one day to the next; find yourself dreading going to work each day; if your daily routine is, well, nothing more than routine; or if your life is so full of drama and crises that you wonder if you’ll ever be able to get it under control–this course is for you.

Master Your Influence Is Your Ticket

Let me introduce you to Master Your Influence, a three-day course hosted by 3 Key Elements. Kirk Duncan and his team are full of energy, funny, kindhearted, captivating, and real. By real I mean that they are not those larger-than-life people on stage for whom everything appears to come effortlessly, who have no problems or flaws. Part of what makes this seminar so engaging is that the presenters tell you the stories of both their successes and their failures. They don’t hesitate to broadcast their mistakes and flaws because they want us to learn from them rather than repeat them ourselves.

Your new friends will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Imagine enjoying three days of intense learning facilitated by the latest scientifically-validated teaching techniques that you won’t even realize are being employed on you. Imagine being surrounded by family who love and accept you unconditionally and believe in your capacity for success. Imagine having your vision expanded in a way you could never accomplish on your own. I think of it like a person whose feet have never left the ground now being privileged to view Earth and the heavens from an orbiting space ship. Obviously this kind of an opportunity doesn’t come to us every day.

If you’ve got it all figured out; feel like you’re learning and growing every day; have more money than you know what to do with; know you are blessing other people’s lives in a big way; and have already fulfilled your mission in this life–don’t bother to attend the seminar.

Otherwise, get ready for a thrilling ride. I have recommended this to a number of my family members, associates, friends, and patients over the last two years, with excellent results. Like me, many have such a thirst for knowledge and transformation that they have gone back and attended additional seminars put on by the same group. In fact, each seminar changes every time it is given. Even if it didn’t, it is so loaded with information that it is not uncommon for people to attend the same seminar two, three, or even four times.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. For myself, I am grateful to the dear friend who first introduced me to Master Your Influence two years ago. Once you attend, you find that two things happen: You immediately want more, and you can’t keep it to yourself.

One of my patients is enjoying this seminar as I write this. I knew she needed a boost in her life, and so did she. She eagerly embraced my invitation and could not be more excited by what she is learning and experiencing. Listen to what she has to say after only one day:

Kirk Duncan is a gem! He is down to earth, warm and an engaging, fun guy. His training on “Mastering Your Influence” delivers simple yet effective tools to improve the quality of your life. Kirk shares his life experiences painting a clear picture of how he turned his life around at all levels. I am so happy that I was presented with this amazing opportunity. I am eager to get started improving my life.

Sign Up Today!

If you are interested in Master Your Influence, the next seminar dates are November 2-4. If that is too soon to rearrange your schedule, you can register for February 22-24 instead. If you call in or sign up on the website, you can enjoy this life-changing seminar for only $227. However, if you call our Wellness Institute at (435) 259–4466 and sign up by 5 PM today (August 25), the weekend of your choice will be yours for only $37!

At that price, you may be tempted to wonder whether this will be worth your time. If this is the case, feel free to call them up and pay $1,000 and I guarantee you it will be worth every penny. And it will do more for your total health than any pills I can prescribe.

Ever looking after your total health,

Ray Andrew, M.D.