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When Disaster Strikes…

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Our hearts go out to the millions of people who have lost family, friends, livelihoods, and property in the recent seemingly unprecedented string of natural disasters. We pray with you in their behalf, wherever they live, whatever their circumstances.

At Prestige Wellness Institute, we are always thinking about health and how to help you attain a higher level of it. However, when there are natural disasters, or just disasters in our individual lives, we have even more reasons than usual to focus on our health.

Optimize Your Health Today

Are we in a position to help rescue others in an emergency, or would we be at the mercy of others to rescue us? Mind you, there are always those who by virtue of age, birth defects, or other infirmities have no choice but to depend on others for help.

But the vast majority of us have  no excuse:  We have simply taken our health for granted and followed the unhealthy habits of our society. This is why we are facing epidemics of diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and so forth.

It is true that some cases of these debilitating conditions are at least in part related to heredity. But most cases are not. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be seeing such huge increases in these diseases as we are.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can to a large extent either invite or avoid these calamities with the decisions we make every day. Such decisions include what we put in, on, and around our bodies, as well as what we do to and with our bodies.

Take Charge

Are we going to be victims, or masters of our own fates? None of us knows what challenges life holds in store for us. When adversity strikes, we have a choice: Wallow in self-pity, look to others to save us (and complain when their efforts fall short), or take decisive action to save ourselves and others around us.

But this decision actually occurs now. When disaster strikes, decision time is past.  At that point, it’s too late to shed those extra twenty pounds (or eighty-five).  And you know that weight is going to slow you down in an emergency, and it is slowing you down now.

What could you do with better health?

Dance. Run. Hike. Swim. Accomplish more at home or work. Discover motivation that has eluded you for years. Save money. Get rid of some of your prescription drugs. Attract other healthy people. Feel more confident. Sleep soundly. Arise in the morning with energy and excitement for another day.  Volunteer in the community.  Feel ALIVE! And much more.

Wherever you are in your health today, chances are good that you could do better. Chances are you don’t realize how unhealthy you are because you got there so slowly and become accustomed to it. You might even feel tempted to blame your decreased abilities and physical activity on age, or just lack of interest.

Don’t settle for this.

Our mission is to raise your sights, improve your quality of life, and give you as many years of optimal health as possible.

David is a prime example of someone who hasn’t let age get in his way. At 72, he continues to hike on a regular basis. Next month he will be on his way to Katmandu, Nepal. He will be climbing the snow-covered Island Peak in the Himalayas, reaching a summit of 20,305 feet. Although we would like to take credit for David’s excellent condition, it’s actually David who has done all the work over the years to stay in the best shape he could. He values his health, and so can you.

If you are like me, climbing a peak where the air is thin, there are no trees, and the wind is ferocious and bitter cold is not on your bucket list. But if you would rather be gardening, traveling, working, playing with grandkids—or doing anything else—in your seventies, eightees, and nineties than sitting in a rocking chair and staring at a television, we can help.

Where Can I Start?

An excellent starting point for optimizing your health is achieving and maintaining your optimal weight. If this is at all a concern for you, join us next Tuesday night in Moab. Many of you regretted being out of town or having previous commitments when we had our last health presentation on August 26. Thankfully, we have been invited by the Moab Weight Management group to repeat the presentation next Tuesday evening! If you or anyone you know would like to lose weight—and keep it off permanently—come join us for an…

For our patients from Central and Northern Utah who are interested, please contact us at (435) 259-4008. Invite your friends and family and we will arrange for a presentation on a Friday evening in Highland.

Don’t be a victim

Take charge of your health. You cannot always control what happens to you. But you can empower yourself now to be as ready as possible for whatever comes your way. Doing so can save your life. And it can enable you to be a lifesaver yourself.

To your health,

Ray Andrew, MD, and our team of health coaches

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