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Where Did Everybody Go?

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If you were to pull up to the parking lot of our office on Main Street, you might find a demolition crew and wonder where we all went.  Many of our patients from southeastern Utah and surrounding states have been wondering where (and even if!) we would be working come December 1, when the inside of our current building was scheduled to be demolished to make way for the new gourmet pizza restaurant.

Frankly, we have wondered the same! We have spent the last nine months looking for a space large enough to meet the needs of our patients. To watch the construction that has exploded over the last two years, the casual observer might wonder if before long there will be anything left in Moab that isn’t either a hotel, restaurant, or outdoor equipment rental business.  And as everyone knows who has been around town much, there is no space anywhere that is suitable for our needs.

Needless to say, we are very grateful for all of your prayers, concern, and tips. We chased down every option that came to our attention, both properties and buildings that were on the market and numerous properties that were not. We aren’t even above begging owners to allow us to rent spaces they don’t want to rent!

With that said, we are pleased to announce that our new address is 745 Kane Creek Blvd. Thanks to one of our devoted patients who kept her eyes and ears open for every imaginable possibility, we were able to find one that panned out. Of course she was not the only one looking out for us, and we appreciate all of your efforts to help us find a suitable location.  We also appreciate the amazing crew who made it possible for us to move in on such short notice.

If you were to take 500 West to the end, or take Kane Creek Boulevard heading west from McDonald’s, you will run into a three-way stop. Heading from there toward the Colorado River, you will very soon pass a hay storage lot on your left. The next entrance on your left has signs for trailer parking at Cliff Rock RV & Toy Storage.  Heading up that short road, you will soon reach a large RV shed on your left, followed by a smaller building. You will now find us in the smaller building.

The first thing you will notice in our new abode is that we are operating in half the space we have been utilizing since moving to Main Street in February. Needless to say, we will be quite cozy for a while. But don’t get too comfortable: In another year, we will be back in the heart of town, in our permanent building. Your patience and support during our transitions are greatly appreciated!

Looking after your health for many years to come,

Ray Andrew, MD


  • Marilyn Olsen

    I am just so glad you found a space. It would be devastating if you had to leave because there was no place you could practice your wonderful healing medicine.

    • Ray Andrew Post author

      Thank you, Marilyn!

      The question was never “if” but “where” and “when”. When you have a mission to perform, the “if” doesn’t figure into the equation. It’s just a matter of doing our part and letting God, the universe, karma, or whatever a person believes in do the rest.

      But we definitely appreciate everyone’s prayers and offers and eyes and ears looking out for the right place. And we appreciate our patients’ patience with us as we get settled in as quickly as we can. It’s no small ordeal. There are a lot of inconveniences to endure, but it will all be worth it when we settle into our new and permanent office on Main Street a year from now!